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National Champions!!

Congratulations to the Ultimate Destination All Stars!  The American Championships Level 4 and 6 National Champions!

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What kind of cheerleading coach am I?

Cheerleading Coaches’ Communication What kind of cheerleading coach am I?  Coaching is communication.  Find out what type of cheer coach you are by reading each description, designating a number from 1 through 5 that best describes you.  Add up your score, determine your coaching style.  Good luck. Style 1: You never admit to an error. …

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2013 Cheer Resolution

January 2013 Chances are many of you have spent some time looking back on the past year.  You’ve been reflecting on what worked and what didn’t when it comes to communication, parent relationships and getting the most out of your team.  At this point you are probably brainstorming how to make 2013 just a bit…

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