Let’s Get Fit! Part II

Let’s Get Fit! Part II

Now that you have been successful with the less intense workouts it is time to start pushing your team further. When your athletes are adequately prepared you may begin to incorporate these more difficult workouts into your daily routine.

Workout #2       Endurance Circuit Workout

5 different workouts, run through entire circuit twice (each workout twice)

High Knees 20 sec.

Rest 10 sec.

Mountain Climbers 20 sec.

Rest 10 sec.

Power Lunges/ Split Jumps 20 sec.

Rest 10 sec.

Burpees (rebound, drop to push up, rebound=1) 20 sec.

Rest 10 sec.

Butt kickers 20 sec.

Repeat entire workout, only takes about 5 min.


Workout #3   Endurance Circuit Followed by Ab workout

Complete the circuit and immediately follow with some strengthening exercises.

Entire circuit followed by: 50 sit ups with a partner

50 Push Ups with a partner (one partner places a fist under the other’s chest that they must touch on each push up)

Leg drops with a partner (one partner stands and the other lies down and holds onto partner’s ankles while they push their legs down. Resist on the way down not letting heels hit the ground) 20 to the middle, 20 to each side.

50 Dips on the ground or bleachers.


**Once your team has been successful with these you can start having them do skills after conditioning. For example, toe touches or jump sequences, back handsprings, standing tucks, stunts/ stunt sequence. This will help your team prepare for competition; it will ensure that your team can accomplish certain skills even when tired. Remember to stretch your team at the end of practice as well to maximize flexibility. Be sure to check back for my blog on amazing stretches that will have your fliers looking their best.


Happy Conditioning,

Arayna Moss




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