Patty Aguilar

Patty Aguilar resides in Bernalillo, New Mexico and is a graduate of the College of New Jersey and the University of New Mexico.  After twenty five years in the public school system teaching at the high school and elementary school levels, she created the highly successful stunting and choreography company, Spirit Xpress West. She has been involved in Spirit for over 35 years as a cheerleader, coach, choreographer, judge, national board member, competition director, conference speaker for spirit associations across the country and a highly successful business owner. During her coaching tenure, Patty’s high school cheer team captured 17 championship titles. In 1996, she received the first National Federation Spirit Coach of the Year award in Lexington, Kentucky and New Mexico Educator of the Year in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   In 1995 she received the NMAA New Mexico Spirit Lifetime Achievement award. Patty choreographed halftime cheerleading productions touring Australia with the New Mexico All Stars. Patty has choreographed hundreds of award winning national, regional, and state cheerleading routines across the country as well as winning many NCA “Innovative Choreography” Awards.  For the last 20 years she has judged national and international high school, college and all-star competitions for USA, COA, ACA and GSSA, along with Arizona State, Nevada State, and New Mexico State Qualifier Competitions.  She has been a spirit conference presenter on various topics for GSSA, CSCA, CHSSA, NMSA, NIA, ICCA, OCCA,TACCA and ASA. Patty served on the first National Federation Spirit Rules Board and the National Federation Sportsmanship Board. Patty was the Assistant NMSA Spirit Competition Director for 5 years and served on the NMSA Board for 22 years.  Patty also was co-producer for the 2012 Nevada All State Cheerleading Team half time performances at the University of Nevada.  Patty is a licensed NM Coach, NM Educator and a NFHS Certified Technical Judge.


Brandon Chavez


Brandon Chavez resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is currently the Director of Spirit Xpress West, a cheerleading and dance company which offers private camps, summer resort and retreat camps, competitive choreography and competitions.  As the SXW Director, Brandon serves as a Camp Director, Competition Director, and leads summer camp stunt curriculum development. He has over two decades of experience as a cheerleader, coach, head camp instructor, music technician, and master choreographer. He has shared his expertise as a conference speaker across the United States including the CSCA, GSSA, NSCA, ICCA, OCCA,  TCCA, and AIA. His extensive judging experience includes the United Spirit Association, New Mexico Activities Association and the Golden State Spirit Association. Brandon has coached many successful co-ed, all girl, high school, all-star, and collegiate teams in New Mexico and Texas.  As a master choreographer, he has choreographed nearly two hundred winning regional, state, and national all girl, co-ed, and game day routines. He has also produced numerous NCA, USA, and Jamfest choreography award winning routines. His choreography experience also includes co-producing the 2012 Nevada All State Cheerleading Team half time performances at the University of Nevada. Recently, Brandon has contributed to expanding the company’s choreography services to include pom and hip hop competitive dance routines. Brandon has been a certified NFHS technical judge for the past 7 years, as well as leading the directional path for changes in NHFS rules.  In 2017, his expertise lead him to be a consultant in the film industry for television and motion pictures. In 2018, he contributed as a cheerleading and dance consultant on a round table discussion about concussion safety and prevention on “New Mexico In Focus”.

Jomar Lean

IMG_6275Jomar Lean is from Oceanside, California, he is the Assistant Director for Spirit Xpress West and Dance Director in charge of curriculum development for dance summer camps and private camps. Jomar first encountered dance at the age of 8 when he participated in a performance at his elementary school. He then sought out more dance instruction at Oceanside Dance Academy in Oceanside, CA. At the age of 11, he enrolled in a school of performing arts where he explored more styles of dance such as lyrical, ballet and contemporary. In 2005 Jomar moved to Albuquerque, NM where he participated in his high school’s competitive dance team for 2 ½ years. At the age of 17 he was introduced to Competitive All Star Cheerleading where he competed for 3 years on a level 5 team in events such as NCA-Dallas, American Grand Championships, and The Cheerleading Worlds. He was first introduced to coaching at the age of 19 where he started with level 1 and progressed over the years to be a level 5 coach, where he was part of trailblazing the first Junior level 5 team in the state of New Mexico. His Allstar teams have placed top ten at The NCA Nationals in Dallas and won a National title from The UPA Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jomar’s attention to detail has won him multiple Tumbling and Choreography awards. His coaching style is very detail orientated on technique focusing on the foundation, safety and progressions of cheerleading and dance. He joined the New Mexico Ballet Company in 2013 as a contract dancer. Many of the productions he’s danced include Don Quixote, Spartacus, The Nutcracker and Alice in Wonderland. He danced soloist roles such as the Rat King in The Nutcracker and the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. He has choreographed several pieces for various companies, including  a ballet/contemporary piece called “Scarlet” in the New Mexico Ballet Company’s production of The Dancer’s Collaborative.  Since working at SXW, he has choreographed many state, national, and grand champion winning routines in Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas. In addition to his dance and cheer choreography, he was hired as a choreographer consultant for a motion picture in 2017.  Jomar is a master tumbling instructor, he has conducted many private tumbling camps with teams from Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona. Jomar’s athletes have learned the importance of hard work, self discipline and determination can be traits applied outside of cheer and dance, but more importantly be applied with fellow teammates to achieve shared success. “I hope that what I teach athletes everyday is something they can apply to their character and make them that much more prepared in their future endeavors to be a successful person.”





The SXW Staff motto is “work hard, play hard”.  Talent, experience, knowledge, diversity, passion and the love for cheerleading  makes each SXW Staffer unique. Our staff comes right to you from all over the Unites States. Every camper will have an opportunity to work with  staff members who have special talents that will take you to new unimaginable heights. Among the SXW staff we have award winning choreographers, teachers, professional dancers,business owners, coaches, university cheerleaders, fitness trainers, parents, entrepreneurs, and national competition judges. They are committed to bringing you the ultimate camp experience. Our Staff is thoroughly trained by certified NFHS and USASF members.  Each of our staff pass a background check and attend a Child Abuse and Violence Training.